Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools are the most classic swimming pool option, but bring with them a host of advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. We are experts at designing, building and servicing the most luxurious swimming pools in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for a pool that is both beautiful and functional with features like waterfalls, grottos or even an island bar, we can help!

What Is A Concrete Pool?

Once you have your hole in the ground, the process of building a concrete pool starts with the steel framework. Crossbars of rebar steel are inserted into the ground to provide the pool with a “cage” of support that’s resistant to earth movements.  

After this, gunite or other sprayable concrete mixtures are applied to the steel framework, allowed to dry, and then recoated to smooth the eventual pool as much as possible. Different finishes can then be applied to the pool, depending on the price. Tiles, paint, plaster, and pebbles are the most popular finishes, but different options are also available once the basic concrete is put in.

Concrete Pools Are Completely Customizable

One major advantage of concrete pools is their customizability. As we’ve said, the number of different fiberglass pools available to you is limited by the pre-fabricated options on the market. The number of different concrete pools available to you is limited by nothing other than your budget, your imagination, and the technical competence of the contractors you choose to install your pool–in other words, you have more choice in how your pool will look and behave.

Concrete Pools Are Highly Advantageous In Hot Climates

Another major advantage of concrete pools is their resistance to hot  temperatures. Fiberglass pools are good at stretching to resist changes in the earth itself, but can be damaged by extreme, prolonged heat of the type most often found in southern or equatorial regions–in other words,  the kind of climate where you’d most often want a swimming pool to begin with. Concrete pools can expand to some extent to resist the heat, giving your pool a longer lifetime in extreme temperatures.

The Biggest Disadvantage of Concrete Pools

However, you have a bit more to worry about when it comes to changes in the soil itself. This is the major disadvantage of concrete pools: the difficulty of doing anything if worst comes to worst and your pool does crack or break under the strain of above-average movement in the earth.  Most of the time, concrete pools are a good, safe, flexible option. But in some extreme situations, they’re not as good at holding up to natural stresses as fiberglass.

Which Type Of Swimming Pool Is Right For Me?

In general, here’s a good rubric for making your decision: 

  • If you’ve never owned a pool before, you’re planning to move soon,  or you simply don’t want to make a major financial commitment or house modification, go with above-ground but keep your options open for the future.
  • If cost is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area with continually low/freezing temperatures, go with vinyl.
  • If customizability is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area  known for extreme summertime heat, go with concrete. 
  • If safety is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area known  for weak soil or tectonic activity, go with fiberglass. 

Expect A Long Construction Time For A Concrete Pool

As far as other disadvantages go, there’s construction time to consider.  Concrete pools take substantially longer to install and longer still to become usable–expect a minimum of about three weeks. This ultimately leaves you with a more stable and customizable pool, but requires substantially more planning to take advantage of a pool before a  hot summer begins, and also causes more damage to your yard and landscaping while the pool is lying there half-finished. If you have small children or pets, you’ll also have to be very careful to keep them out of the pool area while it’s under construction. This can turn into a nuisance very quickly.


The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a great place to live and work. It’s also home to some of the best swimming pools in Texas! If you’re looking for a new pool installation, we can help. We offer high-quality concrete pool installations throughout North Texas at competitive prices so give us a call today and let’s talk about your needs.

We can help you find the perfect pool for your backyard with our professional concrete pool installation service. Our team will consult with you to make sure that we are installing a custom-built, high-quality pool in order to meet all of your needs and desires. From choosing the right shape and size to selecting an appropriate color scheme or lining option, we’ll work closely with each individual customer to create their dream swimming area!