Gunite Swimming Pools

Are you planning to have an inground swimming pool in your resort with an excellent aesthetic quality that will attract more visitors to spend their vacation in the resort? Are you a simple homeowner who wants to have a relaxing dip in a pool located in your backyard? Why don’t you consider the construction of a gunite pool with high durability, versatility, and a truly unique swimming pool with the ability to fit into the existing landscape?

What Is A Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools are popular with homeowners due to their durability and remarkable design versatility. Gunite is composed of dry concrete materials, including coarse sand and cement mixed with water. It is a tradename used for the dry sand-cement mixture pneumatically shot from cement gun equipment. It is then conveyed through a delivery hose, hydrated at the nozzle, then spraying the hydrated concrete mixture at a high velocity on the receiving surface.

Gunite concrete is applied horizontally or vertically to adhere and form a solid and watertight structure following any geometry. Once it cures, gunite hardens and makes a thick and sturdy construction. This structure is very durable, and this material lasts for a long time. Furthermore, gunite can endure external forces until it is compromised. When designed and well built, gunite pools can last up to a hundred years upon construction with no risk of cracking or breaking.

Concrete Pools vs Gunite Pools

You might be asking the difference between gunite pools and traditional concrete pools. They have the same materials (sand-cement mixture and water). However, unlike the conventional concrete construction of pools, which is poured by section into designed wooden frames to hold the shape of the pool basin, gunite is applied in layers using a specialized spray gun which gives us seamless layers of structure. The lack of seams in pool surface construction makes the gunite pool stronger than a concrete pool. It is also faster to complete than the conventional pour method.

Gunite Pools Are Endlessly Customizable

With gunite, pool owners can customize the design and have more ability to create an unlimited array of shapes. The method of construction is more creative, and customizing the design is limitless. They can choose from a wide variety of finishes for the pool to blend with the surroundings and create ambiance in their outdoor living area.

They may select stone finishes, mosaic tiling, pebbles for a truly unique and luxurious look swimming pool. Likewise, they can put additional features attached to the swimming pool like waterfalls and customized pool steps. The versatility of the materials means you can customize the swimming pool to your liking and budget.

The Biggest Disadvantage of Gunite Pools

Installation Time. All the works for gunite pools are on site. It will take at least three months up to six months to build gunite pools from scratch. It includes the acquisition of permits, material procurement, layout, excavation, rebars, plumbing, pool shell construction (gunite), finishing works, decking, cleaning, and start-up until you can finally dive in the pool. Also, to take into consideration an allowance for delays due to unforeseen weather circumstances. Gunite pool construction takes more time to complete the project, but if you want something that will last for decades, it’s worth waiting a little longer for error-free construction of the pool.

Require a strict ratio of dry-mix concrete. There is a strict requirement for the proportion of dry-mix concrete to avoid any errors upon installation. Water can wreck the quality of the concrete wall and floor of the pool.

Which Type Of Swimming Pool Is Right For Me?

In general, here’s a good rubric for making your decision: 

  • If you’ve never owned a pool before, you’re planning to move soon,  or you simply don’t want to make a major financial commitment or house modification, go with above-ground but keep your options open for the future.
  • If cost is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area with continually low/freezing temperatures, go with vinyl.
  • If customizability is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area  known for extreme summertime heat, go with concrete. 
  • If safety is your primary concern, OR if you live in an area known  for weak soil or tectonic activity, go with fiberglass. 

Advantages of Gunite

Great Lifespan. Gunite pools have the most extended lifespan among the other pool types because it has good engineering design that can withstand different weather conditions and earth movements.

Seamless Construction. Due to the application method of gunite, the pool shell is a complete, continuous shape without joints and cracks. In addition, creating a pool shell with no gaps that might leak and break due to movement is essential.

Good investment. Opting for a gunite pool is a good investment, and it will save money in the long run, and you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming pool for years without needing to replace or repair it.

Design flexibility. Any shape and any design are possible with gunite pools. The pool owner can design the shape of the pool according to the available space in the area, and there is no need to redesign the existing landscape around the pool.

Wide variety of finishing materials. Pool owners can choose from various selections of finishing materials they want in their pool. It can be glass mosaic tiles, stone finishing, ceramic tiling, or pebbles. Blending the pool finishes to the surrounding can set the mood for relaxation. The pool finishes will bring beauty and comfort to your gunite pool that suits your tastes.

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Gunite pools offer unbeatable value with their impressive durability and resilience. It gives a lot of option that gives you and your family a plunge into a luxurious haven. Likewise, it is also crucial to properly maintain your pool to keep it in the best shape. Now that you have an insight into gunite pools, it’s time to consider adding a gunite pool in your resort or backyard.

We can help you find the perfect pool for your backyard with our professional concrete pool installation service. Our team will consult with you to make sure that we are installing a custom-built, high-quality pool in order to meet all of your needs and desires. From choosing the right shape and size to selecting an appropriate color scheme or lining option, we’ll work closely with each individual customer to create their dream swimming area!