Swimming Pool Construction Fort Worth, TX

Are you in the market for a new swimming pool? If so, you’ll want to consider Fort Worth Custom Pools. There are many reasons why this is a wise decision, not the least of which is that a quality pool builder can help you create a backyard oasis that will be the envy of your neighborhood. We use only top-of-the line construction techniques to build your dream backyard lakeside retreat, from start to finish! We’re proud of our work so make sure you check out all that we can offer for yourself or someone else today!

Whether you are in the market for a new swimming pool or simply curious about the construction process, this t is for you. We will explore everything from designing your pool to hiring a contractor. So, whether you are just starting your research or are ready to start interviewing contractors, read on for some valuable insights!

So what are you waiting for? Contact a local pool contractor today and start planning your dream swimming pool!

Custom Pools For Your Home

Our pools are designed for your individual desires and requirements. We don’t force you to purchase an already-made pool from our company, as every one of them is custom built after a detailed discussion about what the customer wants out of it in terms or size, material selection, etcetera. 

The Best Company for Swimming Pool Construction in Dallas-Fort Worth

Fort Worth Custom Pools are proud to provide unparalleled design services for your home and outdoor living space. We can create a custom pool, patio or spa in any shape you want!

A three-dimensional digital model is created that allows us to see every angle of the project before we start actual construction so there’s no guessing about how things will look when they’re done. You’ll have peace of mind knowing nothing needs to be redone after installation. Your pool can be trendy while still meeting code.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool in Fort Worth?

The cost of installing a pool is $40,000 – $70,000, on average. The company that provides the service will survey the land to ensure safety and determine what steps need to be taken before installation. These expenses can include engineering and permitting fees and soil testing for safety and responsiveness. One consideration may be whether or not you want an Olympic-sized or a residential-sized pool – larger pools will certainly cost more money – but both options provide endless summer fun! There are also options like waterfalls, sun decks with seating areas, hot tubs, slides (for bigger pools), flat areas (for exercising) and kids’ play areas which can range from 10′x10′ to 15′x25

How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool in Fort Worth?

It takes about 6-8 weeks, depending on which kind you decide to buy and where in the DFW area you live.

Choosing whether to have a pool built, take your time and get all the information. There are a few adjustments that can take place when it comes to building a pool from scratch. Important factors include site dimensions for excavation work, materials needed for the preparation of slab or deck installation, pump systems for cleaning or heating water, filtration & disinfection, plumbing & drainage system installation, and accessories such as lighting fixtures and outdoor controls. Undertaking this project without a professional just isn’t worth the hassle–since they know all the ins and outs of going about this process smoothly.


We are your go-to swimming pool contractor in Fort Worth, TX. If you’re looking for a company to build the perfect backyard oasis that will keep your family cool and entertained this summer then look no further than us! With our years of experience constructing beautiful pools throughout North Texas, we know what it takes to create something that meets all of your needs while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. Our team is here to answer any questions so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Pool Construction FAQ

Frequently asked pool construction questions from pool clients all over the DFW metroplex