Swimming Pool Renovation Fort Worth, TX

At Fort Worth Custom Pools, we offer swimming pool renovation projects to homeowners in the DFW area. Our experts will help you find the perfect design for your space and budget so that you can enjoy this summer season with a new pool. We are a team of professionals, specializing in pool renovations. We have experience with residential properties and understand the needs of homeowners looking to update their swimming pools. 

There are many benefits to updating your swimming pool, including an increase in curb appeal, new landscaping opportunities, and improved functionality. If you’re ready for a change or if you’re just not sure what it is that you want- we can help! Contact us today for more information on how our company can make your dream backyard come true.

Why Choose Us For Your Swimming Pool Renovation?

Your pool is in the right hands with our trained and uniformed pool professionals. You can trust us to take care of it, just as you would if were was your own backyard! We’re proud to have a team of experts who provide nationally recognized training, focusing on quality & accountability.

If you’re looking for the best pool service in Fort Worth, TX with innovative solutions to your challenges of renovating or maintaining a swimming facility then look no further than us!

Our Renovation Process

Fort Worth Custom Pools is a custom swimming pool renovation company that can transform your dated backyard oasis into the perfect haven for fun in summer. We offer services to update basic layouts of pools, renovate existing pools with new features and designs or create more luxurious spaces like waterfalls on top!

Our expert team takes care of all aspects from rough design sketches through installation so you don’t have to worry about anything except relaxing with our amazing creations. If this sounds good then feel free to contact us today

What Is A Swimming Pool Renovation?

A swimming pool renovation may include anything from resurfacing the bottom of the deep end to replacing an aging tiles, brick, decking, spas, lockers, or amenities.

Whether you are renovating for play or swim, Fort Worth Custom Pools courteous staff is prepared with extensive knowledge in all aspects of aquatic design. We will help you find solutions that match your needs and goals, whether they are for a new project, structural renovations on an existing facility, waterless pools or residential backyard safe zones. 

Fort Worth Custom Pools is dedicated to excellence in service and innovative engineering through our years of experience designing swimming pools across the country! At Fort Worth Custom Pools we want to partner with you throughout your entire process – from initial consultation to final completion. 

We take into account your needs and desires, project costs and feasibility impacts in order to determine the best approach that will bring your imagination in to reality. Once we have an in-depth understanding of what you envision in a dream backyard oasis, we’ll recommend plans for landscape design, renovating the diving area with pools or re-painting permanent structures such as palm trees so they blend harmoniously with any new elements planned for this special recreational space.

How To Know If Your Pool Needs A Renovation?

The best way to know if you need a pool renovation is to talk with the company that installed the pool in the first place. Whether it’s been one year or five, an experienced team will be able to give you a professional assessment of whether or not your pool still meets environmental and safety standards. The end result will help provide peace of mind knowing that only high-quality products were used when building and designing your custom oasis!

If your pool is past its 20-year expected lifespan, it will need to be renovated no matter what. If your pool is less than 10 years old or was built within the past 5 years, standard maintenance should suffice for now.

In general, regular inspections of a pool will assist in determining the need for a renovation. If regular inspections show that there is discoloration or water motion downstream from where it enters the filter, then cleaning and replacement of chemicals may be needed more often than once a year. Other signs of needed renovations include black spots on tiles and peeling paint. 

These inspection types can also help determine if a problem is too severe to fix with chemical treatments alone. Conditions such as algae or moss growth might require draining and refilling instead of just adding chemicals to clean up the problem areas.

We know that you’ve been looking for a company to help with your pool. Whatever the size, shape, or layout of your backyard oasis, we have the expertise and experience necessary to make it beautiful again! If you need a swimming pool renovation, we can help. Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Pool Remodeling FAQ

Frequently asked pool remodeling questions from pool clients all over the DFW metroplex